Gearcase good substitute for lube Lubricants

Comparable to Fort Troff’s Cum Lube — which has a hybrid water-silicone base — this lube feels a bit gunkier and is entirely water-based. It’s another one for all you cum-lovers who want to experiment with all the different lubes designed to resemble male loads. While I know many piss pigs that love peeing up someone’s anus, few would claim that piss is a viable anal lubricant. On the occasions that someone has peed in my ass, for instance, I simply released it as if it was water, and nothing was slicker as a result. If someone wants to pee in your butt before having sex, I would recommend using some additional form of lube following the water sports. Legends tell of a time before I was born when jars of Crisco could be found in every leather club and sex dungeon in the country.

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  • The cross-hatched steel test panel shows film thickness and application coverage of each chain lube.
  • I have always used Phil’s tenacious oil in the winter time.
  • You should also make sure it’s unrefined and has no added sugars.
  • Baby oil as a lube carries the risk of poisoning, infection, and damage to barrier methods of contraception.

Countless options range from Liberty Oil to Liquid Bearings Synthetic Oil. Follow along as we explore the best brands of lubricant that you can use for your electric fan’s motor. Overall, these are the best options for you if you’re trying to grease your brake pins. They are definitely the best options – if you’re trying to grease your own brakes, you’ll undoubtedly want to opt for a lubricant specifically designed for this need. Some mechanics and others will use whatever they have on hand, but for safety you should use a good quality brake grease to be safe. Sil Glyde, as the name suggests, is one of the most popular silicone based lubricants over recent years.

Marine Gear Oil

White mineral oil is formed as a byproduct in the process of distilling good substitute for lube petroleum. Since it has a light consistency, white mineral oil can be applied to sewing machines. Finding a lubricant that works for you and your partner is very personal.

Lacri Lube

Using water on its own increases the risk of swirls dramatically and can cause significant damage to the clear coat. IPA should not be used as a clay bar lubricant because it will cause water to evaporate more quickly and works the opposite way to a lubricant. IPA will dry out the paintwork causing the clay to grab and stick, which inflicts scratches and swirl marks. So now we’ve been through three great options to use as clay lubricants, now let’s talk about some of the products that you definitely want to avoid. It’s more time consuming to spray the each area rather than just covering it with car shampoo and water. This will prevent chunks of wood, other debris and tree sap from sticking on chain bar when operating.

The god-awful grit that stuff must coat your chain with is going to cancel out any possible technical advantage it offers as a lubricant or anti-corrosion coating. Before I applied it the first time I washed my chain and dried it. Applied the WD-40, wiped off the excess oil and went to ride the next day. We did a 60km and after about 30km the chain started squeaking. Got home after the ride and washed my bike and the chain again.

Swimming Pool Lubes

That said there are plenty of cases where it has worked really well for some folks so it has some merit as an extra line of defense against squeaking poly bushings. SuperPro actually warranties their bushings against squeaking IF the instructions are followed which includes using the supplied grease. I came across this thread searching for the best grease for my Polaris ATV suspension arm bushings. Unfortunately I do not know what the factory bushings are actually made of.

High Performance Gear Lube

For cleaning, you might try one of the orange-based cleaners. For lubrication, a lot of folks have mentioned ATF or Mobil one synthetic. For cleaning barrels, brake/carb cleaner works well, but if you don’t have good ventilation, you might want to pass. Personally, Shooter’s Choice cleaner works well for me without a lot of fumes.

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For masturbation, you’ll want a personal lubricant for some personal time. Don’t go for water-based lubes – they dry quickly and result in sticky hands. Silicone or Oil-based lubes give you a smoother ride.