Cast Iron Skillet Pizza Deep Dish

If you’re a seasoned cook, then this skillet is worth the splurge—it’s an instant family heirloom (psst! And don’t skip on the custom engraving). If you’ve ever wondered how to cook a steak in a cast iron skillet, I’ve got you covered. With this easy recipe, you can forget the expensive restaurants and pull out all the stops for a romantic evening at home.

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  • With its exceptionally low smoke point, trying to use olive oil to season cast-iron the traditional way will end with burning carcinogens floating into the air.
  • While cleaning the inside is a no-brainer, it’s the exterior of the cast-iron skillet that needs your attention.
  • Le Creuset enameled cast-iron signature skillet The strong enamel interior requires minimal oil use and resists staining, dulling, and wear and tear.
  • A few minutes before you finish cooking your steak, add butter and aromatics.
  • Your cast-iron skillet is great to sauté tomatoes, but you don’t want to cook acidic sauces like tomato sauce that take a long period of time to simmer.
  • The advantages of this special pancake pan are surely known to all mistresses for a long time.

Nearly impossible to remove from the sheet pan I used to catch the drips during the oven ‘cure’. Save yourself the grief and go for the low iodine oils. I would say that whatever makes a nice firm bar of soap – lard, palm oil, coconut – is a good choice here. Well, this superficial advantage is actually their biggest disadvantage.

Vonshef Cast Iron Skillet Pan

I’ve also included some extra general storage and maintenance tips which will help you get a lifetime of good service from your cast iron skillet. How to store a cast iron skillet so it avoids these issues though? There are a few tried and tested techniques which I’ll quickly outline here. You’re going to see a lot of Lodge skillets on this list — cast iron people on Reddit love Lodge.

How To Clean Enameled Cast Iron

Realistically, it’s the only cookware you’ll need to pack. The company’s most basic skillet, the Classic, is exactly what its name suggests — simple and timeless — and it’s very reasonably priced at $20.95 for the 10.25-inch version. “Cast iron doesn’t need to be babied.”Plus, cast iron’s heft makes it unrivaled in the heat retention department, so it’s ideal for long-cooked foods like stews and braised meats. If your loins quiver at the thought of an extended and fussy seasoning process and it brings you joy, go for it. I’ll just be hanging out with my manteca or neutral oil. As Helen explains above, the process is quite long—three days!

Best Cast Iron Grill Pan In 2021

This is one piece of equipment, like cooks themselves, that is only going to get better with age. The pan of choice for dedicated cooks, these skillets are also ideal for crispy chicken thighs in this pan-fried chicken in mushroom sauce, frittatas or even a classic tarte tatin. Always make sure to dry it thoroughly using a towel or a cloth after each wash. Secondly, never store your skillet in a humid environment. Cast-iron can easily develop rust when exposed to moisture for a long time.

Victoria 6 5 Inch Mini Cast Iron Skillet

It can form gunk on the pan, or it may wear away entirely. Soaking can cause your cast iron to rust and if it rusts, then you should probably stop using your cast iron skillet and get a new one. Once you’re done cooking, scrape off left behind food bits, and place your cast iron back on the stovetop. Cast iron cookware is a staple for those who are experienced or inexperienced in the kitchen. The skillets are highly praised because of their durability and their ability to retain heat.

Step 6: Remove The Cooled Skillet From The Oven

If you need to buy an oil for this project, flaxseed has the lowest smoke point and will probably take the least time, but it’s not cheap. Safflower oil has a high smoke point of about 500 degrees, but would be a fine option if you’re sure your oven can get hot enough. Grapeseed and canola oils both have smoke points in the low 400s, and canola oil will usually be the cheapest of the bunch. All four will give you great results, and should keep your pan slippery and rust-free for years to come, as long as you remember to clean it properly.

This scientific process takes the oil–which starts as a liquid–and makes it into a slick solid. The oil is bonded to your cast iron skillet, creating a dark patina that consumers expect of cast iron. Good advice on the primary seasoning never thought of raw linseed oil before but why not once it has carbonized into the iron’s pours there is not much left but carbon anyway. I have used most kinds of fat or oil for the first time and have not had any trouble. When well seasoned they seldom need very difficult cleaning as any residue just rinses off with just a little scrubbing with a brush at most they really are none stick.

Avocado oil has an extremely high smoke point of 520F. This is great because it’ll never burn, but can be hazardous as you will have to handle a very hot pan while going through the seasoning and heating process. Peanut oil is ideally suited for those who prefer a middle-of-the-road seasoning oil. With its fair price and mid/high smoke point of 450F, this is probably the best oil to use when preparing Asian cuisine or deep frying. According to Cook’s Illustrated, the easiest way to strip a cast iron pan of its seasoning is to run it through your oven’s self-cleaning cycle. There are other methods you can use — scrubbing with oven cleaner, a lye bath, electrolysis — but those all seemed too scary and involved for me.